A teacher only on weekends

The Standardization and Regulation manager or a teacher only on weekends? What's the story behind Hu Hongyu's two identities?

A teacher only on weekends

The Standardization and Regulation manager or a teacher only on weekends? What's the story behind Hu Hongyu's two identities?

Hu Hongyu gives a lecture as a teacher at “Weekend Volunteer Engineer”.

Do you want to be a “slash”? Here it is not referring to the punctuation mark. In recent years, “slash” has been given a new meaning: a person with mixed professional identities.

In most cases, Hu Hongyu doesn’t care much about the “cool stuff”. However, this time, he did find himself part of the “slash” trend and became a “cool guy” with dual identities.

Tall, dark-skinned and sometimes wearing half-frame glasses, Hu is praised as a meticulous professional. This impression only becomes stronger when you hear him

speak as his speech is mostly organized and orderly. On workdays, he is Standardization and Regulation Manager of Low Voltage Products of Smart Infrastructure of Siemens Ltd., China. However, on weekends, he becomes “Teacher Hu” to many students.

What’s the story behind the two identities?

An opportunity to give back

Hu Hongyu gives an online lecture as a teacher at “Weekend Volunteer Engineer”.

In 1983, Hu graduated from the university and jumped right into the area he was passionate about – the design and technology promotion of low-voltage electrical products.

During business trips and in his spare time, he travelled to many places in China. Some were prosperous with advanced technologies, while some couldn’t even afford decent wire.

“As an electrical engineer, what can I do to make a difference?” Pondering this question, Hu joined Siemens in 2007 and participated with great enthusiasm in many corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. Some of the activities were held by Copper Alliance.

The more activities he participated in, the more he saw the importance of knowledge sharing. “Some electrical engineers in remote areas have very limited access to the latest trends in electrical design. Is there a way to provide regular and timely support to them?” Hu asked himself.

The key to solving this problem surfaced in 2016 when the Copper Alliance established Electrical Engineers Organization (EEO), an organization formed by volunteers from areas of expertise such as electrical engineering design and electrical equipment manufacturing and application. The organization’s mission was to provide resources and opportunities which would help electrical engineers to develop their skills, as well as improve their communication and collaboration.

Hu was so excited to hear this news that he was one of the first engineers to submit an application. He spared no effort to share his experiences and ideas to help improve the structure and operation mechanisms of the organization in its early days, helping to lay a firm foundation.

From engineer to “teacher”

The first visit of EEO members to Guizhou Province for the “Traditional Village Electrical Safety Protection Project”

For the past three years, EEO has been an important part of Hu’s life. His favorite activity is “Weekend Volunteer Engineer”. Every weekend, Hu spends one or two hours communicating with members of EEO in online forums or via live streaming. Sometimes he also gives trainings. In EEO, Hu is called “Teacher Hu” with appreciation and respect.

The topics Hu talks about every week are always closely related to people’s daily life: How to install charging piles? What does the leakage protection switch do? How to avoid electric shock accidents? Fun topics and lively vibes make the weekly discussions a time of great enjoyment for Hu. Sometimes, He would also introduce the latest electrical safety standards and products from Siemens. With this information, engineers can apply the latest standards in real-life practices to avoid accidents.

In 2018, on behalf of Siemens, Hu participated in the “Traditional Village Electrical Safety Protection Project” held by Copper Alliance and Building Electricity Branch of Architectural Society of China. The project also received great support from government departments such as Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China. In the project, Hu went to Yangpo village in Guizhou Province together with other participants to work on the upgrade and transformation of the power distribution system of the village to ensure electrical safety. During the project, Hu used the platform of EEO to share many useful tips on carrying out electrical system transformation projects in traditional wooden villages like Yangpo.

In the past three years, about 300 people have lectured in the “Weekend Volunteer Engineer” program. Hu was one of them, is one of them and will still be a lecturer in the future. The identity “Teacher Hu” is something he enjoys and also finds meaningful.

More than a decade ago when Hu joined Siemens, he explained his reason for choosing this company: “I would like to share what I know as an electrical engineer and give back to the society. Siemens provides such a platform for me.” Some people may say that Hu is just saying some nice words, but he has proven that he is walking the talk, with 10 years of effort.

This weekend, “Teacher Hu” will also be at work, sharing his knowledge.