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Siemens helps Chinese enterprises go global.

Go global

Siemens helps Chinese enterprises go global.

Belarus Berezovskaya combined cycle power plant project

The exterior of Belarus Berezovskaya combined cycle power plant

Siemens cooperated with China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) to deliver a SGT5-4000F combined cycle unit to Berezovskaya combined cycle power plant (CCPP) of RUE “Brestenergo” in Belarus. The power plant was the second largest power plant in Belarus and accounted for about 10% of the country’s total power output. Siemens delivered high-quality products on time and also proactively mobilized local resources to facilitate project implementation.

With joint efforts of Siemens and CMEC, the plant was put into operation two and a half months ahead of schedule. This made a record for ahead-of-schedule operations of large power plants in recent years in Belarus and created considerable economic benefits for the project owner. The power plant also won for CMEC many awards including the Luban Prize for China Construction Project (Overseas Project Category) and the first prize of Excellent Engineering Design of Power Industry. Moreover, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko also expressed genuine satisfaction to the high quality and efficiency of the project.

Pakistan Jhang 1263 MW combined cycle power plant project

Siemens SGT5-8000H gas turbine was delivered to the site successfully.

Siemens supported China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) to supply equipment for a 2-on-1 H-class power island in the Jhang 1263 MW combined cycle power plant (CCPP) of Punjab Thermal Power (Pvt.) Limited (PTPL) in Pakistan. In the project, Siemens will supply two units of SGT5-8000H, one unit of SST-5000, two units of NEM heat recovery steam generator, the transformer and switchyard system, the distributed control system (DCS) of the plant and related auxiliary systems. In addition, PTPL has signed a long-term service agreement for the equipment with Siemens as well. This is the largest CCPP project in the history of CMEC and also the first order of Siemens H-class gas turbine for Chinese EPC contractors. It helps CMEC further explore the Pakistan market.

The project is developed in a fast-track basis. Therefore, the management teams of Power and Gas Division of Siemens and CMEC formed a steering committee and held regular meetings to monitor the schedule, the product quality and other important issues of the project. This ensures efficient proceeding of the project.

The plant will be put into commercial operation in 2019. The new power plant will be able to generate over 1.26 million kW•h of electricity every hour. It will help alleviate the long-lasting power shortage in Pakistan.

Pakistan combined cycle power plant project

Siemens’ products at the site of Pakistan CCPP project

Siemens partnered with Harbin Electric International Company Limited (HEI) in a Pakistan combined cycle power plant (CCPP) project, where Siemens provided 500 kV switchyard complete engineering and equipment purchasing package, as well as power transmission and distribution products, including generator step up transformers, unit auxiliary transformers, distribution transformers and more than 200 low-voltage switchgears. The one-stop-shop solutions and services significantly strengthened the compatibility between various components and improved the project execution efficiency. The combined cycle will be put into operation in 2018. The power plant is located in Punjab Province of Pakistan. After the commercial operation, it will help alleviate the electricity shortage of the country.

Congo SICOMINES copper mining project

The site of SICOMINES copper mining project

At Kolwezi of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Siemens provided control systems for processes including mining and beneficiation, as well as over 200 converters, to SICOMINES copper mining project, the largest copper mining project invested by Chinese companies in Africa. Siemens also ensured efficient project operation after delivery through its full lifecycle services.

Turkey Soma 2 x 255 MW coal-fired power plant project

The exterior of Turkey Soma 2 x 255 MW coal-fired power plant project

Siemens cooperated with Harbin Electric International Company Limited (HEI) to build a 2 x 255 MW coal-fired power plant for Kolin Construction company at Soma, Turkey. In the project, Siemens delivered two SST-5000 steam turbines, two SGen-1200A generators and the auxiliary system.

Turkey has rich lignite resources. By using local lignite for power generation, this project could not only supply electricity to the local grid to fulfill the increasing electricity demands generated from the growing economy, but also promote the exploitation of the lignite in Turkey, drive development of the local economy and create jobs.

During the execution of the project, the plant location was changed to a new place, the altitude of which was nearly 500 meters higher than that of the original site. However, the good adaptability of Siemens’ products could help minimize the influences brought by the changes of environment. Therefore, the project team didn’t need to make major changes to the supply plan. Eventually, Siemens delivered products on time and ensured smooth implementation of the project. By May 2018, this project was in the installation process.

Jordan Attarat oil shale power plant project

The exterior of Jordan Attarat oil shale power plant

Siemens cooperated with China Energy Engineering Group Guangdong Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (GPEC) to provide two SST5-5000 steam turbines, two SGen5-1200A generators and the SPPA-T3000 control system to the Attarat oil shale power plant of Attarat Power Company at Jordan. Attarat Power Company is established upon a partnership among YTL Corporation, Guangdong Yudean Group Co., Ltd. and Eesti Energia AS.

The power plant is built in the desert and away from the natural water supply. Compared with a wet cooling system, Siemens’ air-cooled steam turbine unit will save up to 90 percent of the water needed for the operation of the plant, achieving the efficient usage of water resources. The power plant will be put into operation in mid-2020. With an installed capacity of 470 MW, the power plant could cover up to 15 percent of the country's annual power demand.

This project is the first EPC project in the history of cooperation between Siemens and China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited. In addition, the project is not only the biggest oil shale power generation project in Jordan, but also the single project with the highest contract value won by Chinese EPC companies in Jordan. The construction and operation of the project can create 3,500 and 1,000 job opportunities respectively.

Spain CENER microgrid and energy storage system research project

The exterior of Pu Neng Spain CENER microgrid and energy storage system research project

Siemens cooperated with Beijing Pu Neng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to help the National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain (CENER) conduct a microgrid and energy storage research project at Navarre Province of Spain. Siemens delivered a Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB) management system that included Simatic S7-1200, WinCC system, I/O modules, industrial switches, etc. The system could effectively monitor and manage all kinds of parameters of the VRB energy storage system, ensuring the efficient and stable operation of the system. In the future, Siemens will help Pu Neng establish the battery management system data center. With Siemens SINEMA remote communication solutions, along with WinCC system, the center could conduct comprehensive and centralized monitoring and control of the customer’s global energy storage system.

The battery management system was put into operation in 2013. Data generated in the project will be used in the research about the microgrid and energy storage system. This will ultimately help drive the application of the renewables in the grid of Spain.

Panama Martano combined cycle power plant project

ceremony for main components contract of Panama Martano CCPP project in 2018

Siemens will cooperate with Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. (SEC) to establish a complete power island for Colón combined cycle power plant (CCPP) of Martano, Inc. at Panama. In the project, Siemens will provide six SGT-800 industrial gas turbines with related generators, a unit of SST-600 industrial steam turbine, a unit of SGen6-100A-2P steam turbine generator and six units of VOTSG heat recovery steam generators. Siemens will also provide Simatic PCS 7 control system for the gas turbines and SPPA-T3000 control system for the steam turbine. In addition, a flexible long-term service agreement that covers over 15 years will be signed as well.

In the project, Siemens conducted a thorough analysis of the power grid of Panama and designed the power island based on the results. The proven power generation technologies of Siemens can help maximize the efficiency of equipment in all load ranges and ensure maximum availability as well. Moreover, during the operation of the power plant, Siemens’ service teams in Panama will continue to provide comprehensive services to the customer to help maximize customer values.

This is the first order won by Siemens Power and Gas Division in Panama, and it is also the first time for Siemens to cooperate with SEC in an overseas EPC gas-fired power generation project. After coming into commercial operation, the equipment will boast an installed capacity of approximately 420 MW as part of the CCPP. This could cover the power demand of about 1.9 million residents of Panama.

Malaysia RAPID Project

Siemens’ hydrogen make up compressors at the site of the PAPID project

Siemens worked with SINOPEC Engineering Incorporation (SEI) to provide key equipments, including hydrogen make up compressors and hydrogen recycle compressors, to Malaysia Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) project of Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS). With the state-of-the-art technology of compressor engineering and manufacturing, the best practices of installation and operation of compressors in large oil refineries, and long-term and trusted working experiences with SEI, Siemens was selected to supply critical compressors in the RAPID project. In the future, by integrating and leveraging the company’s advantages of manufacturing and services in the global oil and gas business, Siemens will keep improving itself to support Chinese companies to go global.

Ethiopia OMO 2 sugar plant & OMO 3 sugar plant project

The exterior of the Omo-Kuraz sugar plant

Siemens supported China National Complete Plant Import & Export Corporation Limited (Complant Ltd.) to help Ethiopian Sugar Corporation build Omo-Kuraz 2 sugar factory (OMO 2) and Omo-Kuraz 3 sugar factory. In the project, Siemens supplied both factories with the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) solutions including the PCS 7 control system and low-voltage converters covering the whole plant. Siemens’ solutions helped the sugar factories achieve a high level of automation and improve the production efficiency.

In the project, Siemens’ global service system responded to customer demands quickly. For example, during the construction of OMO 2 sugar factory, Siemens dispatched engineers in South Africa to conduct the equipment maintenance on site. This supported the efficient implementation of the project.

Ethiopia has a high yield of sugarcane. Once coming into operation, the two sugar factories can help drive the development of local economy by making good use of the abundant sugarcane resources.